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What We Do

100 cameras to people affected by homelessness


This project has a simple method. We give 100 cameras to people who have been or still are homeless and ask them to take photos of the city they live in.

Throughout the competition we build the self-esteem and a sense of belonging for people affected by homelessness.


This is achieved through learning new skills, the pride of seeing their work being chosen, or gaining work experience - helping bring in an income to change their circumstances for the better.

Where we want to be

Continue the growth of our global community of charities, social enterprises and corporate sponsors.

Working together to support people affected by homelessness around the globe.


Why work together?

Working together towards one cause gives us a louder voice.

Together we are stronger.

Together we will encourage others to join us.

Together we will have more impact on helping people affected by homelessness - globally.


For this to be effective there needs to be a strong structure in place so we are all speaking with the same message. This gives us a stable campaign that is easy to franchise and harder to copy - meaning we can help more people.


What we plan to do is to create a Tool Kit of parts so we all follow the same format and we can easily send to others as requested. This will strengthen and build consistent brand awareness for this project.

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