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About Us

Why we do this

Our Mission is to change lives and improve community connections by empowering people affected by homelessness through creativity and entrepreneurship.

The goal - a brief description

MyWorld supports international projects that engage people affected by homelessness in photography and art to create exhibitions and publications that can be sold by the photographers. In this way it supports the advancement of entrepreneurship by those organisations and individuals.


MyWorld advises and trains local organisers to run the photography projects. This includes training how to run the training and impact assessment. Based on experience, MyWorld helps new projects create exhibitions and printed publications, such as calendars, books, greeting cards and online. It also advises on fundraising for the projects.




Mission and values

“A charity to support UK and overseas photography and art projects run by Café Art UK and overseas charities/social enterprises. Our goal is to work together to support people affected by homelessness on a local level through photography, art and entrepreneurship.”


Who the organisation helps

We work with projects/organisations in UK cities and the rest of the world, who support people who are homeless or have recently been homeless, who would like to participate in a photography project. We also help the participating organisations in creating a selling programme  with products created from the photographs created.

MyWorld Creative Projects is a CIO

MyWorld is Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO), registered in England and Wales. Charity number: 1197162. This is known as the “Foundation” model constitution. A CIO’s constitution is in the format specified by Charity Commission regulations.


MyWorld is planning to have several smaller committees run by volunteers (the wider membership). These will include fundraising, training and branding. The wider membership will connect with groups and individuals who want to run projects around the world. For example, if a new project happens in Bristol (MyBristol), they can join as members.


Funding will come from corporate funders, grants, and public donations. MyWorld will also by provide online and in-person social enterprise training.



Outcomes MyWorld is set up to achieve

The prevention or relief of poverty (commission to photographers affected by homelessness, employing people affected by homelessness in selling products such as calendars and cards)

The advancement of education (teaching photography, project management, sales training, online sales training)

The development of individual capabilities, competences, skills and understanding (photography, connecting with people)

The advancement of health (advancement of mental health through connecting with people involved with art and photography projects)

The advancement of the arts, culture, heritage or science

The advancement of human rights, conflict resolution or reconciliation or the promotion of religious or racial harmony or equality and diversity (connecting people from different backgrounds for the benefit of the participant and the public, promoting individuals’ stories in the publications for the benefit of the public)

Who the outcomes will benefit and where they extend to

The prevention or relief of poverty of people affected by homelessness in London and other cities where we run the project, in particular by providing them with opportunities to participate in photography and other art projects and sales training with an opportunity to help them earn an income based on their own creativity and productivity.


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