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A new homeless charity

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

Welcome to MyWorld Creative Projects!

We are excited to be launching a new charity which will support the city projects that have already been held in London, Sydney, Budapest, Brighton & Hove, New Orleans, São Paulo and Toronto. The above photo is volunteer Ronaldo Aguiar (on the right) explaining how to use the camera to a participant in the MinhaSão Paulo contest in November 2015.

A simple concept

Our projects follow our simple concept:

- 100 disposable cameras

- 7 days

- a positive theme of capturing beautiful photos of your city

The first project was the MyLondon Photo Project, starting in 2013. We handed out 100 cameras at St Paul's Cathedral on July 31, 2013. A few months later we had an exhibition in a public market (Spitalfields, London) and launched the 2014 MyLondon calendar.

The MyLondon calendars sold earn the vendors - all homeless or recently homeless - 50% of the sale price if they sell them in the markets or on the streets. It's the same model used by street newspapers such as The Big Issue.

All the other projects have successfully proven that this simple concept can work towards a simple goal: to empower people affected by homelessness through photography and entrepreneurship.

We need your support

Whether you are a member of the public who likes our projects, or want to ask about running your own one, please sign up to our email list now. We are in the first stages of registering the charity here in the UK, but we are focused on helping photography projects around the world.

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